Business Strategy Services

Fisher MCL  assist managers in developing, refining, communicating and measuring strategic change programmes at all levels within organisations. Our experienced consultants have a broad and deep understanding of many market sectors, and our input can significantly accelerate both the process of defining mid - long organisational objectives, and the implementation of any associated change programmes.

The services we provide that support business strategy development and implementation include:

  • Organisational and business unit strategy development
  • Interim management resources for rapid strategy deployment
  • Acquisition appraisal and due dilligence
  • Sectorial / geographical market research and analysis
  • Alignment of international sales resources
  • Authoring of strategic development plans
  • Internal communications planning and delivery
  • Change programme management
  • Executive mentoring and coaching

We provide a wide range of interim and pay per use executive resources, to assist with the project management aspects of delivering strategic change programmes, at all levels.