Overseas Development Services

Fisher MCL  assist our client businesses to develop on an international level, by utilising our extensive working knowledge of many overseas markets, and leveraging off our long standing in-country contacts. We can provide expert advice during the development phase of the internationalisation strategy, then deliver ongoing direct support as required, throughout the implementation process.

We can offer a complete package of international development support or specific consulting in the following areas:

  • Development of internationalisation strategy
  • Overseas market research and host market appraisal
  • Advice on accessing overseas trade development networks
  • Access to in-country resources and networks
  • Overseas channel strategy
  • International risk appraisal
  • International logistics
  • Translation services

FisherMCL consultants have direct experience of market development in the following areas: USA (E & W coast), Mainland China & Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, most Eurozone member states, and the emerging markets of Central Eastern Europe (esp. Hungary).